Aplikasi Web Pengelolaan Tugas Akhir pada Teknik Informatika STMIK Palangkaraya

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Herkules Herkules Yogi Hapa


Development of the computer is very fast and is used in various fields of life. Usually the computer is used to produce a variety of important information in order to improve the performance of an organization, company or institution to get the job done more effectively and efficiently it is because the computer to process information quickly. To maintain the smooth, monitor, and also simplify the task of managing data majoring student thesis easily then it encourages the writer to create a research titled "Web Application Thesis Management On Teknik Informatika STMIK Palangkaraya". System development using codeigniter PHP Framework scripts and MySQL database are supported by CSS and Bootstrap.

The methods used in data collection such as interviews, observation, and literature. The interview is to collect data by conducting a question and answer directly to the section that relates to the object under study. Observation of direct observation on the submission by the current manual. A literature study is collecting data by studying books or literature concerning the design of a system to generate a Web Application Thesis management on Teknik Informatika STMIK Palangkaraya that can provide convenience to students and admin in the management of the final task in submitting the riset title, schedule of seminars, and schedule the final exam anytime and anywhere along the internet connected so that information services related to the final task of students become more optimal

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